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Bremerton, WA

Brian Watson, Wood Sculptor & Letter Carver

Finger Labyrinths, Wood Labyrinths, Labyrinths, Vessel Forms, Bowls, Platters, Relief Carving, Letter Carving, Commissions, Liturgical Commissions, Laser-engraved veneer bookmarks, Custom Design

LEGO chalice.jpeg

LEGO Chalice Kits

Yes! It's a LEGO® chalice. Finally, a chalice that a child can safely hold, made from a material children recognize, a chalice that can be built, and used...and even played with! Conceived of and designed by my wife, Elizabeth Roberts, the LEGO® chalice is a unique child-like expression. See the Chalibrix website for more information and additional pictures.

The chalice is the symbol of our Unitarian Universalist faith.  Our churches, fellowships, and covenant communities often kindle a flame in a chalice at the beginning of worship or meditation.