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Bremerton, WA

Brian Watson, Wood Sculptor & Letter Carver

Finger Labyrinths, Wood Labyrinths, Labyrinths, Vessel Forms, Bowls, Platters, Relief Carving, Letter Carving, Commissions, Liturgical Commissions, Laser-engraved veneer bookmarks, Custom Design

"Aleph" series

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and is not sounded.  Instead aleph is the breath before speech, the inspiration, the sacred pause. 

The vessels in the "Aleph" series are united by this idea.  Their open, yearning forms are an expansion, an inhalation that give space a reverent, vulnerable shape.

All the vessel forms in the "Aleph" series are micro-sanded and left bare, so that there is no artifice, no barrier between you and the piece.